SKGZ supports the position of the Italian Federation of Combatants and Partisans Associations

SKGZ s President Rudi Pavšič sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Italy Napolitano, the President of the Italian Senate Schifani, the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies Fini and the President of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Regional Council Franz. The letter is fully transcribed below.

*Dear Mr. President,
We address you as the highest representative of the Republic of Italy and we kindly ask you to support the efforts of the associations ANPI-VZPI, ANED and ANPPIA, which are legitimately trying to prevent the adoption of the Italian Law No. 3442. The draft, presented by the Member of the Chamber of Deputies Fontana, aims to substantially revise the Italian Constitution, which is based on the Resistance movement and democracy. The said draft, already approved by the Defence Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, legally recognises and provides public funding to post-fascist organisations. In other words, it equates the victims with their offenders from the darkest periods of the previous century.*

*Mr. President,
last year in Trieste, together with the Presidents of Slovenia and Croatia, you set the grounds for a brighter future for the people living in our area, who have been seriously challenged by our tough past history. Also in consideration of this fact, we support every effort directed towards cooperation and friendship, and we sincerely thank you for the convinced choices you made in this direction.
The Slovenian Cultural and Economic Association strongly condemns such attempts to misrepresent our history, which offend the memory of those who have fallen for freedom and democracy, and damage the aspirations of the many citizens, who strive for a peaceful democratic coexistence. Therefore, we fully support the views and requests of the Italian Federation of Combatants and Partisans Associations.*
*The President*
*Rudi Pavšič*

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