The Slovenian Cultural and Economic Union has clearly expressed its own vision of the future when, in 2009, decided to extend the membership also to individual members. Anyone, who agrees with the contents and objectives of the organization, can join it. In addition to the important contribution of its historical members, the Union needs also the presence of individuals, who wish to contribute to the development of the Slovenian social reality as members of this association, which pursues the objectives clearly defined in its Charter.

Such extension of the membership was designed to improve the democratic structure of the organization, since here are at stake the fundamental rights of the individuals and of the communities they form. The adhesion of individuals could therefore lead to the strengthening of mutual solidarity between people and the peaceful coexistence between members of different nations, as well as to the affirmation of a culture of peace and cooperation.

Individual members strengthen not only the openness and democratic orientation within SKGZ, but also the transparency and clarity with which it pursues its fundamental objectives.

To join, just print, fill in and sign the attached form and mail it or deliver it to the SKGZ offices.

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