The Slovenian Cultural and Economic Union operates in order to protect the interests of the Italian citizens of Slovenian nationality in order to safeguard their right to equality. The Union carries out its activities according to the laws and acts that guarantee and protect the status of the Slovenian minority in Italy, as well as of other minorities in general.
With its work it strives to coordinate and reconcile the different views and positions of the Slovenian community living in Italy, supports the establishment of a joint and unified representative body and promotes a coherent Slovenian identity formation.

Every Union s activity is based on the principle of democratic social relations. In accordance with the values of peace, cooperation and social solidarity, the Union is committed to an effective and sustainable social development aimed at a peaceful coexistence between members of different nations, the protection of human dignity, the affirmation of welfare and peace.
The cultural values of the Slovenian Cultural and Economic Union are inspired by its historical legacy that refers to its traditional love for freedom, the experience of the Slovenian rebellion against fascism and the liberation struggle.

The Slovenian Cultural and Economic Union has clearly expressed its own vision of the future when, in 2010, decided to extend the membership also to individual members. Individual members strengthen not only the openness and democratic orientation within SKGZ, but also the transparency and clarity with which it pursues its fundamental objectives.
The spirit of openness that characterizes the Slovenian Cultural and Economic Union allows it to continually establish new relationships and bonds of friendship.

The idea of a common Slovenian space stimulates us to constantly enhance the relationships with our compatriots and institutions operating in the Republic of Slovenia, as well as with the Slovenes living in neighboring countries and over the world.
SKGZ promoted the constitution of the Coordination Body of Slovenian minorities (SLOMAK) which brings together the representative organizations of the Slovenes in Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.
The Union firmly believes in the constructive exchange of experiences and therefore maintains relationships with the Italian minority living in Slovenia and Croatia, as well as with other minority communities.
SKGZ contributes to the creation of a common multilingual space within the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region and promotes intercultural dialogue. In particular, in the Province of Udine it intensively collaborates with the Friulian community.

The challenges offered by the European unification process and the need to shape a common and unified territory, that spreads well beyond the boundaries of the individual Countries, actualizes the aim of the Slovenian Cultural and Economic Union to achieve a mutual understanding between the people living along border areas and the consolidation of friendly relationships between neighboring countries.